Gambling, poker games and cards have always played a crucial role I the life of human race for entertainment primarily. The popularity of such games sprouts from the possibility of gaining some financial benefits when played on betting terms. These have been a medium of trying luck for many since ages. Even the epics have distinct mention of such games that evidences their roots deeper in time. Furthermore, as these games are played involving a group of people, it is popular in communities with a social life. With the passing of time, as the gaming went institutionalized, casinos, poker rooms evolved making the entire process more defined.

Gradually, as time marched forward and the world adapted itself to the practice of internet shrinking the boundaries of international lines, the physical gaming practices got translated into their online version. This Poker 99, launched sometime during the onset of the nineties, earned its popularity during the latter half of the decade. With all the odds and evens counted, this online gaming practices, however, have freed the players from the tedious task of traveling to the casinos and poker bars combating all the adversities like distance, harsh weather, etc.

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  • The risk associated:This game has its origins in speculation that automatically calls for some risks. As we say that every gain is associated with a risk so is this game. The higher the stake, the greater is the chances of the booty. Aggravating chances of cheating are the possibilities of insider cheating, non-random card dealings, etc. No matter what the inherent tendency of the online Poker 99 is, it has sustained in the market for long as one of the most popular games.
  • The online edge:One difference between conventional gaming and the online version is that the player does not get to sit right across his co-player, nullifying every possibility of judging the reaction of the other which is sometimes misleading. Online poker player emphasizes more on betting patterns of the opponent, reaction time, pace of play, auto plays, chat box, fold percentages and much more that are virtual in nature. Successful adaptation to the new frontiers will surely help the player to master the game.
  • The variety:The variety that Poker 99 offers is sure to be loved by the players.  With poker, Q-Kick, Capsa, etc. the bet limit and minimum deposit vary drastically. A player is free to choose any version in accordance with his priority or choice.

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